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Why choose Board Certified?

There are more than 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice in Texas. Approximately 7,450 are Board Certified.

Board Certification means that an attorney (1) has extensive experience in a select field of law, (2) has passed a rigorous exam to demonstrate that he/she has special competence or expertise in a particular area of law, and (3) has received references from one's peers who practice in the same area of law.   Being a Board Certified attorney is similar to being a Board Certified Physicians, who are often called "specialists."

I chose to become become Board Certified in Family Law because I like fighting for families and children, and I wanted to be prepared as much as possible to help my clients. To remain Board Certified, I not only have to continue my concentration on Family Law, I have to continue to complete special courses that keeps me "up-to-speed" on the most recent changes in the law.

Does hiring a Board Certified attorney guarantee the client a certain result? Of course not.  But wouldn't you feel more secure in putting your family, your kids or your assets, in the hands of a professional who is one of the few who is Board Certified?